MTV: My Interview with MTV Juvies

While some people are interviewing A-list celebrities, I’m focusing on interviewing A-list fauxlebrities. I “virtually” sat down with “Sierra” from the MTV brilliance of “Juvies.” You may remember Sierra from Juvies as the girl who never showed up for school, had the 19 year old boyfriend, and then got arrested and sent to Juvie-Land. Oh, but Sierra is so much more than that. She weighs in on her experience with MTV, her thoughts on Saint Jennifer Lopez, her feelings towards braiding girls hair, what MTV told her not to say, and much much more…and less.

IBBB – Sierra, you appeared on an episode of MTV’s Juvies because you knocked over a 7-11? No really, how did you end up on the show?

Sierra – I was in there because I supposedly ran way, which NEVER happened. The attendance office looked at the wrong name and the officer never went back to look at my records like he was supposed to. He probably went to Dunkin Donuts instead…lol! But my parents didn’t like my boyfriend at the time and thought I would run away with him.. So, when I was walking home from school, I got arrested. When I arrived at L.C.J.C., the MTV lady asked me if I would be on the show, so I said sure. It made my stay a bit easier though, like I was allowed to leave my room more for interviews.

IBBB – Yeah, I like Dunkin Donuts too. Er…awkward.

IBBB – Why do all the girls seem to braid each others’ hair right before they go to court? Is it like getting ready for the Prom?

Sierra – Haha, yeah I had my hair “did” when I went to court. I guess it’s just because we’re bored. It’s either braid hair or play Spades. It’s a girl thing, playing with hair, so we usually have our hair braided before court. And yeah I guess we do want to look nice… lol.

IBBB – Oh, I’m funny to the Juvies! You use the “lol” a lot. I’m old.

IBBB – I get nervous that by having your image displayed on a show like that it may be difficult to find work. (1) Who do you think would win in a chicken fight – Nicole Richie or Mischa Barton and (2) What are your career inspirations?

Sierra – I don’t know who would win. They would probably both break if they touched each other. They are as skinny as tooth picks for crying out loud. So, it would be a lose-lose situation. My career inspirations are probably animals. I feel bad for really sick animals, and I want to make them better. I plan on becoming a vet.

IBBB – I think Mischa would win because she’s taller. I guess since spending time in “Juvies” you are most qualified to work with animals. Oh! Stop me if you heard this one!

IBBB – In your episode your parents seemed to realize that you didn’t call yourself out of school and they were just trying to look out for your best interest. Do you no look back and see that they were correct for doing so?

Sierra – I personally don’t think so. I understand them looking out for me, but they don’t seem to understand that I’ve been around these kind of people my whole life, and I’m well aware of the risks I’m taking. But, maybe later on down the road I’ll agree with their decision. But right now, no.

IBBB – Honey, honey that is not the right answer. Even if it is how you feel, your parents will toss you back in the slammer before your 18th birthday and you’ll be braiding hair until your next trial. Just be grateful that Sally Jesse Raphael isn’t still on the air. She’d toss your ass right into boot camp!

IBBB – Your myspace seems to have a lot of skull and cross bones all over it. That’s danger. If you could provide any words of wisdom to Britney Spears what would they be?

Sierra – Don’t EVER shave your head again. And go get help like the rest of us abnormal people have to. Don’t leave after a day; you’ll get nowhere by doing that.

IBBB – You didn’t mention anything about the skull and crossbones on your myspace page. Ok, I’ll let it slide for now, but I’m telling Tom.

IBBB – What was the best thing that came out of your experience on MTV?

Sierra – The best thing would have to be the fact that I was on TV, nothing else because it was for the wrong reason. Even though I did agree to do it I could care less about the popularity.

IBBB – Well you never know what can happen. That blond chick from the first episode wants to try out for American Idol. Really shoot for the stars Sierra!

IBBB – Speaking of train wrecks, do you think that J. Lo traded up with Marc Anthony or did she trade down?

Sierra – Sh*t, I still think that no one can ever replace Ben Affleck. Those two were one of the hottest couples I’ve ever seen. Marc really isn’t all that great looking to me…but what ever floats her boat. It’s not based on looks, I know.

IBBB – Um Sierra, if it’s not based on looks how do you know you like someone? I only base things on looks. P.S If Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx reads this, you’re dead! P.S Watch your mouth. This is a PG-13 rated site!

IBBB – What are some misconceptions that you would like to set the record straight on about you and your experience on Juvies?

Sierra – I did NOT actually run away, I was in school. I’m not as big of a cry baby as I looked. I actually laughed and had fun more than I did cry. Sounds bad to say that, but it’s the truth. And I’m not really that obsessed with “that guy.” We had a thing, I loved him, but he wasn’t all that I freakin talked about. And I did think he was cute. They just asked me NOT to say ANYthing good about him. Hint – why I laughed a little bit when I answered that question.

IBBB – Interesting. So you were basically “coached.” I’m not saying a word because I want to work at MTV one day.

IBBB – It seems like you’ve learned a lot through this process. You have one guess…who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter?

Sierra – Who f*ckin knows? She’s a whore, man. I know it’s not that old guys though, all he shoots out is dust probably.

IBBB – Yowza! Don’t speak ill of the dead unless you end it with, “TrimSpa, baby!”

IBBB – So, some of the girls looked kinda scary, kinda like Roseanne Barr. Did any of them try to make you their prison bitch?
Sierra – Surprisingly, no. I got along with all of them except for the people that didn’t talk to me.
IBBB – Ok, that’s enough about you, let’s bring it back to me. So, do I look to old to be an MTV VJ or news correspondent?

Sierra – Naw, you don’t look old at all….just about the right age actually.

IBBB – You are very wise Sierra and you speak the truth. You hear that MTV?

Thanks Sierra you were great and besides your filthy mouth you seem like a normal teen who just happens to like skulls and crossbones. Best of luck with all that you do! If you ever need a reference for a job well you can just ask….er…good luck with that.

Want to ask Sierra some more questions? Check out her MTV Juvies Myspace Profile!
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