More MTV Juvies, More Questions

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I sweat many of the reality shows on MTV. Does that make me a loser? Absolutely. However admitting is the first step. Now, I know that most reality shows are not real. I’ve even called this out many times during “The Hills.” I’m ok with that, really. What I’m not ok with is being duped by crafty “documentary-style-editing” that truly made me think that “Juvies” wasn’t scripted. Well, my friends, I have an “inside source” that quickly corrected my thoughts on this.

While the majority of Juvies is real (ish) there are many moments of a bit of scripting and a bit of coaching by the producers. I’ll call this “scroaching.” I was contacted by one of the guards who was on Juvies and was” scroached.” He wanted to let me know that when they were talking to the Juvies they were told to make things more dramatic or even say things again so the cameras could capture it. If it wasn’t dramatic enough they would have to do it again. I know what you’re thinking…”who doesn’t know that!?!” Well, I didn’t. I really thought that this was a real reality show. I guess I should have known. It’s kinda like when you find out about Santa. Like, you kinda know he isn’t real and then you find out and you’re bummed, but then you still believe a little, but then you remember that he isn’t real. Yeah, it’s kinda like that for me. I guess technically I’ve just been “Juvie Claused.”

All of this got me to thinking. These kids are under 18 so how were they filmed? They had to get their parents consent, of course. What parent would sign a waiver that would show their kids acting like animals? Do they think this will be a stepping stone for their careers? Kids, kids, kids. This isn’t American Idol. You’re basically in prison and on TV. You’ll always be known as the bratty kid in prison. That type of behavior may get you on The Surreal Life one day, but that’s it. You just literally shot yourself in the foot.

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