Heidi’s Boobs Make News: The Hills

Uh-oh! Heidi’s old boobs are “dunzo” as the kids on MTV like to say. US Weekly has learned (some how) that Heidi Montag or “Montard” as I like to call her underwent breast augmentation surgery this week in Beverly Hills. Even more shocking is that Heidi Montard is an inspiring singer. Do you think Steve Sanders put her up to this? Was this part of their “moving in together” agreement?

Personally, I think she’s really trying to give Cami from Laguna Beach a run for her money. Is it bad that I have a new respect for Heidi? She just got smarter and prettier too. I contacted Heidi in regards to this news, but was unable to reach her…..as I don’t know her or have her number. So I just hung up the phone.

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