Farrah from “Teen Mom” Allegedly Choked By Her Mom, Debra Danielson


So basically MTV reality shows are just about beating the bag out of each other.  First Jersey Shore and now Teen MomFarrah Abraham is the new Snooki if the accusations are true.  My friends over at TMZ are reporting that Farrah was allegedly choked and then hit in the face by her mother, Debra Danielson after an argument escalated inside her mother’s home.

Debra, who is looking more and more like a resident of Who-ville, was arrested on Saturday at 1pm for suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.  According to police, the fight began when Farrah’s mom threw an MTV shirt at her, which ended up landing on her baby, who started to cry.  It was then that Farrah began yelling at her mother who then, allegedly (oh I’ll say “allegedly” 100 times) grabbed Farrah by the throat and then struck her on the right side of her head and mouth when Farrah tried to push her away.  I love white trash with money!

Seriously, let’s face it, the mother appears to have been the conductor of the crazy train ever since 16 and Pregnant last season.  While Farrah seems (on the new show) to be more about her dating and social life than spending any time with her daughter, Sophia, Farrah’s mom always seems to be saying the craziest things to her….on camera.  It’s like, the cameras are on you so why would you say those things?  Whatever happened to the good old days of putting on a smile for everyone else and then declaring Jihad on your house once the guests leave?  Those were simpler times.

And the whole time I thought Butch was the trashiest!?

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