Can We Talk About “Butch” from “Teen Mom”



I’m not going to lie.  I watch Teen Mom on MTV.  It’s good.  It is.  Screw you for judging me.  I know you just did.  You just did it again.  Anytrash, every time Butch shows up on the screen I always think I accidentally sat on my remote control and changed the channel to Fox and am watching the follow up to an episode of COPS.

So Butch is the father of Tyler who goes out with Catelynn who had to give her baby, Carly, up for adoption during the last season of “16 and Pregnant.”  I guess now Butch is married to Catelynn’s mom, so Butch is not only Tyler’s dad, but also Catelynn’s stepdad and Catelynn’s mom is Tyler’s stepmom, but Catelynn and Tyler are not technically brother and sister.  Take a breath.  Just another family tree tracing in the South!

Butch, with his rat-tail-gray-and-black-mullet has been in jail for the majority of Tyler’s life so Tyler basically hates his dad.  In the latest episode, Butch may be going back to jail, from what I understand, for pushing Catelynn’s mom.  Seriously, what!?!  Even I can’t figure this out.  All I know is that with parents who appear to be so screwed up, Catelynn and Tyler actually seem to have a great head on their shoulders and have a fighting chance of making something out of their lives.  Although, secretly, I’m hoping that Butch gets his own spinoff show.  Oh, and by “secretly” I actually mean, “I’m writing a letter to MTV as we speak.”

Oh Butch.


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