Mary Kate: Carpet and Drapes Don’t Match

I don’t need to see a typical “Britney Spears Getting Out of the Car Stanky Putanky Slip” to know that the carpet does NOT match the drapes for Mary Kate Olsen. Even though wonders can be done with the magic of “dye,” to “dye” anything that blonde could potentially make you not able to have children due to a burnt off Stanky Putanky. I may not be a doctor (even though I am), but I think that can happen. It is amazing to see Mary Kate in what I can only imagine is a “fright wig” that she pulled out of the clearance bin at Walgreen’s for $2.99. She is now officially in the entire uniform for a typical American street-walker. I’m not sure if prostitutes wear different uniforms overseas, but this is the latest and greatest in American hooker-wear.

I only wish I didn’t waste my “$2.00 sucky sucky” on my Britney Spears post yesterday because it would have been much better suited on Mary Kate’s blog post today. Doh! If only my time machine was ready.

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