Billionaires Can’t Afford New Shoes

Why is it every time I spot an Olsen they/he/she always have on the same pair of shoes. I only notice them because they always scare me only because they look like they take up half of their body. Do you think the Olsen Sluts are trying to tell us something? I definitely think so. I think they are alerting us to the fact that 2007 will be the year of the “crack whore.” I’m totally into it too. I mean, just because you have enough money to wipe out poverty in the United States doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a street walking crack whore. Mary Kate clearly bleached the ever loving piss out of her hair and is walking it around town with great pride. I actually think it looks good. Nah, just kidding, she looks like crap. She doesn’t even look good enough to make it into Uncle Jesse’s “Forever” video. Although, it would have totally been a step up from Nikki and Alex.
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