What's Up With the Mariah Carey "I'm Taking a Dump" Pose Lately?





I’m not sure, really.  There were rumors since 1997 that Mariah Carey is pregnant, but I think it only takes 9-months to shoot out a baby. Simple math explains to me that Mariah has not been pregnant for the entire 12 years.  Anyway, Mariah was all awkward bent-over poses while on the red carpet that the Halo Awards in Washington DC the other day.

As a sidenote, I saw Mariah on Regis and Kelly yesterday and when asked about the talent that is Gabby Sidibe from “Precious”  Mariah spoke of how good of friends they were and then Kelly Ripa asked Mariah how to pronounce Gabby’s last name and Mariah acknowledged that she didn’t know how to say her “friends” last name.  She continued by informing us that she’s not good with names, dates, people’s birthdays, and time.  So basically if given a test, Mariah would have to stay back in 1st Grade.

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