Someone is About to Lose Their Job…and Possibly Their Life


Who DARE force Mariah Carey to hold her own umbrella whilst on the red carpet like she is some wild animal…or a cave person!?!?  Not only will someone be losing their job over this, I’m sure, but I’m confident that someone will also be losing their life and my guess is that they will die by a horrific umbrella beating.  Visualize Britney with the green umbrella beating the bag out of the SUV a couple years ago, but substitute Mariah for Britney and the green umbrella with a black umbrella….and a lot of butterfly jewelry…and a whole-lotta boobage.  See how that works?

Anyglitter, Mariah and her rack trotted the red carpet in Cannes (fitting) at the premiere of her new movie “Little Precious.”  There is already some Oscar buzz around Mariah’s role in the movie.  Ok, I made that part up.   Let’s start a rumor.

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