Mariah is Technically Frolicking

You may remember the picture of Mariah Carey with her boobs to the wind a few weeks ago on the beach, but now even more pictures of Mariah have been released. I believe these are photos of Mariah technically frolicking on the beach. More people should frolic and should say frolic. Anyway, Mariah is looking really good. There are rumors floating around that Mariah dabbles in cocaine everyone once in a while, but I say good for her. If it keeps the weight off then that’s just a diet plan that works for her. Maybe Kirstie Alley wouldn’t have to start up her own diet program if she just got back into coke. Just a thought.

In other Mariah news, her song, “Touch My Body” has debuted at Number 57 on the Billboard Charts. Isn’t “We Belong Together” still at 56? Regardless it’s good to see her doing well. Remember when people thought she was all crazy because she was passing out ice cream on TRL and then checked into the psych ward? Yeah, well compared to the likes of Britney and Lindsay, Mariah didn’t seem so crazy after all. That’ll be all.
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