Mariah Carey’s Boobs Go To a Party

Diddy was throwing a party and Mariah and her boobs were all invited! What a treat! Diddy was having his “The Real White Party” in the Hampton’s. Thanks for inviting me, Diddy. Nothing brings back “equality for all” quite like a “Real White Party.” Rumor has it the Laurie Ann Gibson was passing out white pointy hats at the door. Oh, and don’t even try to pass off any other color for white. Nope. Not off-white. Not eggshell. Not khaki. Not cream. Not even whipped cream. Diddy literally won’t let you in. Other random party goers included Lil Kim (and her eyebrows), Christie Brinkley (because that makes sense), Ryan Seacrest (because he was probably working the party), Star Jones (no comment needed), and Lorraine Bracco (because 75 is the new 72). So to sum up, everything was white. Somewhere that day executives at NBC were smiling.

Who Said White!?
Mariah Carey’s Boobs Go To a Party

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