Mariah Carey Wanted to Remind You She Has Boobs at the Golden Globes



Similar to knowing that Audrina has teeth, Heidi has a chin, Paula Abdul has meds, Tyra has a high opinion of herself, and Snooki has a tan, Mariah Carey has boobs y’all…and she wants to remind us this every chance she gets.  This time, the chance to remind us was at the 2010 Annual Golden Globes last night on the red carpet.  With her hair slicked back and Nick Cannon holding her umbrella for her whilst she chatted with the press, Mariah Carey was all boobs and “dahhlings” in every mini-interview she gave.

While talking with elf-like Ryan Seacrest, Mariah was called “subtle” as her rack was being held up with some dress material and a little hope.  The singer/actress (yowza) was there to show her support for the cast of “Precious” and hopeful to take part in the an overall win for the Best Dramatic Film (which didn’t happen).  When Ryan Seacrest teased Mariah like a 14 year old school girl about being a little tipsy at some previous award shows, she didn’t miss the opportunity to tell him about her new champagne line that’s out now called, “Angel.”  Of course, she would call it that.  How old does she need to be before she stops liking things like “pink” and “butterflies” and “angels” and “charm bracelets?”

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