Mariah, Boobs. Boobs, Mariah. Repeat.

What in the hell? Mariah Carey was relaxing on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean when someone (paid or not paid) snapped a photo of Mariah and, of course, her rack-attack. Luckily (for her, not us) she has both a magazine and a glass to cover the girls so that she’s not completely tits to the wind. While this, in fact, is disappointing I am appreciative of whatever Mariah’s diet is that has removed her fat ass and mother-bearing hips. Oh, and she’s 37. Good for her and/or whoever photoshopped this. Although I am missing the cameltoe that she seems to sport 4 times a week. I hope that reappears in the coming days.

Mariah has a new album, “That Chick” and a new movie coming out soon, so you know what that means. If both of these projects tank you can kiss those boobs (let me finish) goodbye and sit patiently as the fat ass comes back. Regardless, I’m still wishing for the “toe” to make a guest appearance. Good day.
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