Mariah and Mandy: The Vacation-Off

Now is it wrong that Mariah Carey is about twice the age of Mandy Moore, yet looks better in a bikini? Don’t get me wrong, Mariah is still crazier than a shit-house rat, but is looking better and better each day. Poor Mandy. Her album crapped the bed, her movie tanked this week, and the pina colada she’s drinking isn’t even as white as she is. This brings me to my next pointless point: People just look better with a tan. Sure it isn’t good for you, but at least you can look good before you need to begin treatment. Anyway, Mariah was out vacationing in Capri and Mandy was out vacationing in Mexico. Hopefully she won’t get the “Shasta McNasty’s” after drinking the water or her pina colada (the ice).
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