Why I Heart Dina Lohan

It always seems like it’s always about Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay! What about Dina? Dina, clearly my favorite of all the Lohan’s, is shooting a little sass to the photographers has she and her daughter spend a little “sister-sister” time shopping in Soho (NYC) at the Chanel store. I heart Dina. She seems like a whole pile of crazy and you know that I love me some crazies. You gotta love a “mom” who dresses just like her 21 year old daughter. Bleached-blond long hair, tanned to the max, and a face full of make up. Brilliant.

Talks of Dina’s own talk show have died down a bit. I hope it still ends up happening. I really wanted to white-trash up my Tivo a bit and I think this will really help with that initiative. As a side note I feel like Dina could literally kick some ass….not with her show, I actually mean I think she can physically kick the crap out of people, many people, large groups of people and all at once!

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