When Did Lindsay and Ali Lohan Turn Into the Olsen Twins?



Like a fresh morning dew on a brand new day, Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, and Ginger Lohan all took part in some holiday family bonding while at the Rangers game in NYC over the weekend.  When I saw the first photo of all three “kids” yelling I assumed they were just around the Lohan family dinner table on Christmas, but then quickly realized that I had to be wrong as I typically picture Dina Lohan doing dances all around the table while spinning her extensions all over the dining room.  The kids would laugh and cheer and Michael Lohan would be hiding right outside the window with a tape recorder, telescopic camera, and a production assistant from Inside Edition.  Well that’s at least how I picture a Lohan family Christmas.

Anyfreckles, when in the F did Linds and Ali turn into the Olsen Twins?  I’ll assume that would make the little brother, Schecky Olsen, yes?

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