Odd, I Have a Feeling Linds Lo and I are Thinking the Same. Exact. Thing.


Seriously, what channel is this on?  This is the precise moment when the thought entered Lindsay Lohan’s mind, “I am shooting the the remake of Night Court, right?  But when did Roz become a lawyer and why is Dan Fielding just standing there in the background not saying anything??”

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Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ this.  Lindsay Lohan showed up to court wearing her “no nonsense” business woman suit and her blouse  unbuttoned just enough to try and hypnotize the judge with her freckle cleavage.  Yet, the look on her face says, “Wait, I’m still not dead?”

Anyringaroundthetub, Judge Harry Stone caught Lindsay Lo-handed and ordered her to wear that stylish SCRAM bracelet and to not touch drugs and alcohol.  She should have said don’t drink it, snort it, lick it, sniff it, scratch it, eat it, pinch it, wink at it, inhale it, light it on fire and smell its fumes, etc, etc.  This is Lindsay after all.  And you know if it isn’t spelled out Dina is going to yell at the Judge and say, “Well you didn’t say she couldn’t guzzle high octane gasoline until she queefed it out!”  You’re out of order.  I’m out of order.  This whole damn blog is out of order!

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