Look Who’s Up!


Ah Lindsay Lohan.  She’s like a fresh morning dew, on a brand new day.  Looking greasy easy, sleazy breezy, alcohol-filled beautiful, Lindsay successfully landed at JFK airport the other day to take care of her many business ventures (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face) in the Big Orange (freckle).

Just think, all of “that” was lounging in what I can only assume is a business class chair and you’ll be the next one on that plane trying to relax on the same seat that probably is as slippery as a hookers hand in church.  I’m not technically sure what that means, but I think I know.  Yeah, it kind of works.  And I pretty much like it.  Ha, a hookers hand in church.  Even Jesus is smiling right now, I bet.

Where was I going with this story?  Eh, pointless.  Lindsay Lohan is still alive.  There’s your story.

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