Lohan Looks Like She Leaves a Ring Around the Tub



Lindsay Lohan, accompanied by her freckles, was out and about shopping up a storm in LA over the weekend.  Lindsay decided to break up her all black clothing streak and sport a white flannel-like shirt and t-shirt.  Sexy? Nope.  She couldn’t resist wearing her black leggings, though, that I bet smell like the basement of a church. 

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Lindsay being broke, but she recently dropped $100,000 on a car and has been seen shopping all the live-long-day.  So you know what I say to all those people starting rumors about Lindsay?  I say “shut your mouth.”  Sometime I just open up my window and yell “shut your mouth!”  No one has the right to attack Lindsay because of her finances.  No, people should only be judging Linds based on her freckles, bad orange tan lines, and stringy hair.  Get some priorities, people, and get them now!

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