Lindsay’s Utah Rehab Rocks!!

I was jealous when Lindsay No Pants was at Promises Rehab because that place just looked awesome. Even when Lindsay was at Wonderland Rehab I was jealous because it seemed like a really nice hotel and I could certainly use some rest and relaxation. Once again I am very jealous of the rehab that Lindsay is attending in Utah. This place must be so cool! I mean, you get to go white-water rafting!? Are you kidding? I would need to figure out if that was included in my rehab price or if I would have to purchase it separately, but I’d totally want to do that. Lindsay is so lucky to be a booze-hound and a crack-whore because she gets to have to much fun at rehab. I hope Lindsay remembers to put on some extra SPF while out on the water all day. I don’t want to see her freckle in the sun.
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