Lindsay’s Carpet Doesn’t Match the Drapes

Come on, I mean do you think for a second that Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t change her hair color and I wouldn’t make the good old standby “the carpet doesn’t match the drapes” joke? It’s nearly impossible for my brain to function with doing so. It’s too easy. Anyway, Lindsay has colored her hair blond. I guess that’s news? Well, some people want to see it.
My favorite person next to Harriet Carter, Dina Lohan, has recently told entertainment news show Extra that the paparazzi has really given Lindsay a break and that is why she is doing so well lately. Uh, Dina…are you high? No really, I mean do you do “the drugs?” First off, if “giving Lindsay a break” you mean that there are only 34 photographers chasing her instead of 40 photographers chasing her then “yes” they have given her a break. I don’t know if it’s so much the paparazzi let lead to Lindsay doing so well or if it was the 30-day rehab and AA meetings that she does to. Wake up Dina. I immediately feel bad for little Ali Lohan.
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