Lindsay’s Boobs and Freckles. Sure.

Well happy Lohan Boob Tuesday! As you know, Lindsay was recently featured in New York Magazine showing a little Lohan boob and a side of freckles. Lindsay was asked to pose and “dress” like Marilyn Monroe as, apparently, New York Magazine finds the similarity between both Lindsay and Marilyn…I think because they are both 38-year old dead white women. No? Anyway, remember when you were little and in school and every year your teacher would have a ton of candy corn in a big jar at her desk around Halloween and if you guessed how many candy corn were in the jar you go to bring home the class goldfish for the day? Yeah, well we’re about to play an adult version of that. If you can guess how many freckles Lindsay has on her body you will win the IBBB goldfish*. Here’s a little hint: If you you think you’re done counting and guess somewhere in the 10,000 range, you’re at least 14,572 freckles off. Count again. Good luck!

*please note, IBBB does not have a goldfish as he does not like any living animal, including fish. You win nothing.
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