Lindsay “With Child” in Rehab?

Is Lindsay No Pants “with child” while vacationing at Promise of a New Day Rehab in Malibu? Not really, but every other blog tends to circle the stomach of a celebrity and question if they’re pregnant, so I figured why not jump on the bumpwagon. More importantly, Lindsay went for a hike while in rehab with some other rehab goers. Do you think they’re psyched that they’re pictures are going to be plastered all over the place? Oh well, that’s what they get for having a “problem.” You want to have a drug and/or drinking problem? You get your picture taken. Next time you want to do “the drugs” you remember that. Actually, I say if you’re in California you should start doing drugs because chances are that when you check yourself into rehab you’ll get to make friends with a major celebrity. Hmmm, I should head out to CA.
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