Lindsay Sports a Potato Sack

Lindsay must be in a rush as she running around in LA over the weekend in order to find exactly where the Brady Bunch family annual potato sack race is. I think she’s a shoe-in this year! Although, at this time I feel a moment of sadness. This moment of sadness is similar to the feeling I had when I heard that Jenna Jameson was retiring from her filthy porn career. Did Lindsay No Pants retire her black spandex pants and t-shirt? Sniff sniff. I miss seeing her in those already. Sometimes I even find pictures of her in that musty outfit and do “scratch and sniff” to my computer monitor just to get a whiff of Lohan in it. I firmly believe that’s how I got my last cold. Anyway, Lindsay is really changing things up by wearing this brown potato sack that also easily can transform into an authentic Native American TeePee. It’s good that she’s letting those freckles breathe. Standard freckles should be aired out every 24-48 hours to avoid melting and sticking. I read that in my World Book Encyclopedia. Double check my work if you don’t believe me.
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