Lindsay Out of Rehab, Parties at Pure with Ankle Bracelet?

Yeah! Lindsay has completed her 45 day stint at Camp Promises Rehab in Malibu and was released on Friday the 13th (sweet) and made her way to Pure in Vega$ to party it up Lohan style. Well actually, new Lohan style which consists of a pack of Parliaments, Red Bull Lite, and her new alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. According to Multiple Persons Magazine, Lindsay has put herself into an intensive out-patient program which consists of daily AA meetings and alcohol testing. Boooo! Boring. I want to see a drunken Lindsay and maybe even her with some knives if possible. Is that too much to ask? How the hell old is her sister Ali? Any chance she’s turning into a booze bag? Where’s Dina? She drinking? Michael Lohan? Anybody? I’m going to need at least one out of control Lohan in order to continue on. Well at least we still have Britney…for now.
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