Lindsay Lohan’s Freckle Tanning Sauce

You know what always goes good with BBQ chicken? Why, Lindsay Lohan Freckle Tanning Sauce, of course! Should Lindsay just leave her freckles as is or should she use some spray tan goop and look like a dirty mess? It’s really a tough call. It’s like “Sophie’s Choice.” Lindsay was out and about at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party the other night at the Beverly Hilton hotel and she looked dirty to me and not in the good way. Doesn’t anyone stop her? Give her a drink or something to knock some sense into her. I’d tell her. I predict the conversation would go something like this:

Lindsay: How do I look?

IBBB: Uh, dirty.

Lindsay: Dirty in a good way?

IBBB: No, you look like you’d leave a ring around the tub.

Lindsay: I try to cover my gross freckles.

IBBB: I agree, they are gross. Have you ever tried to shave them off?

Lindsay: No, should I?

IBBB: Yes. Here’s a razor, an ax, and a bottle of pills and some vodka.

Lindsay: Great, thanks.

IBBB: You’re mom’s a whore.

Lindsay: I know.

IBBB: Give me some of that damn money.

Lindsay: Sure.

See? This is all that Lindsay needs…just a little honesty. In the meantime look out for Lindsay Lohan’s Freckle Tanning Sauce on store shelves soon!

Lindsay Lohan’s Freckle Tanning Sauce

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