Lindsay Lohan Stole My Nana’s Shorts

They say that going through rehab can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also age you quickly. Clearly this is what happened with Lindsay No Pants. Not only has she aged, but she’s a thief too! She stole my Nana’s shorts! But, at least she is paying tribute to my Nana by wearing her shorts just like my Nana used to…hiked all the way up to her boobs. At first glance I thought, “Oh no, Lindsay has suffered a stroke,” but then I realized that Lindsay is just suffering from the warning signs of premature cameltoe, which is why I awarded her “one camel.”
These photos are of Lindsay attending an AA meeting at Red Rock Bar on Sunset in West Hollywood. That’s not a joke. The AA meeting took place at a bar. The AA meeting. Bar. AA. Bar. Now I may not be a psychiatrist (even though I am), but I don’t think that the best place for people to be who are trying to stay sober is a bar. Call me crazy.

Who Stole My Nana’s Shorts!?!

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