Lohan Should Have Gone With a Different Background for Her Mugshot


Well, there you have it. Lohan’s mugshot.  I think the orange jumpsuit really brings out her eyes and hides the freckle farm too.  Yawn.  Lohan should have asked for some alternative mugshot backgrounds that would really send a message to the public that she’s ok, having fun, and being easy, breezy, beautiful.  Here are some of my favorite options for Linds Lo:


The Laser Background:  It says, “You can’t control me.  Suck it, blue background.”


Blue Background: It says, “Fine, I’ll listen.”


Magic Kingdom Background:  It says, “I’m the king of this castle, bitch!  Please don’t hurt me.  Ow.  Ouch.”


Moon Landing Background:  It says, “I’ll trade you my moon for a carton of Misty 120’s.”


Georgia Rule Background: It says, “You can’t play connect the freckles with your tongue.  Georgia rule!”


Jesse Spano Freak-Out Background:  It says, “I’m so excited.  I’m so, so, scared!”


Brady Bunch Background:  It says, “Ann B Davis who?  What, what!”

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