Lindsay Lohan Hearts the Hospital

Uh oh! Lindsay No Pants is en el hospital. Ay Papi! Yup, no clue why I went Spanish with that one. Regardless, Lindsay was in an LA hospital yesterday getting her appendix removed. According to TMZ, Lindsay went to the hospital on Wednesday when she wasn’t feeling good and the doctor informed her she had appendicitis. Now, I think, I think, this hospital visit will be free because I believe she has one of those coupon cards. You know? The kind you get at the coffee shop where you buy a cup of coffee and you get your card stamped. After 10 cups of coffee you get one free. Yeah, same rule applies for Lindsay at the hospital. It’s poor timing though because I believe getting your stomached pumped is usually a little more expensive than getting your appendix out. She should have planned better.

Oh well. Get well soon Lindsay. You’ll be getting my card in the mail….just like Santa.
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