Lindsay Lohan Gets a Rehab Roommate!

Sure rehab can get a little boring ever now and then, I’m sure for Lindsay too. They say that it’s the people that can also make your rehab experience great and worthwhile. Well, guess who’s checked into Lindsay Lohan’s rehab facility? That’s right folks, Mike Tyson! Oh this should be good. Mike Tyson checked himself into Wonderland just a few days ago for drug and alcohol addiction. In mid December, Tyson was arrested in Arizona on suspicion of drunk-driving and felony drug possession (the best type of drug possession, in my humble opinion). Tyson admitted during the arrest that he was a drug addict and had a problem. No word if Tyson also admitted that we was also certifiably insane.
I hope that Mike Tyson and Lindsay become rehab roommates and have bunk beds. Seriously, I would love to be a fly on the wall at this place. Who am I kidding, that place looks great. I’d love to just be there! If there is a God, someone is filming these rehab events and turning them into a reality show. It could be called something catchy like, “TKO and Freckle.” Just go with it.
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