Lindsay Lohan Arrested. No Big Deal

Following in her father’s footsteps, Lindsay Lohan recently checked out of rehab and then checked herself into the Beverly Hill police department in order to be officially arrested for her May 2007 DUI. Poor little Lindsay had to stay there for about 1 hour, but was finally release when she coughed up $30,000. You can expect to see Lindsay No Pants in court on August 24th, which is my friend Janine’s birthday. Someone always tries to steal her spotlight on her birthday, so it only makes sense that that bitch, Lindsay, would try to do it. I hope she gets the electric chair (not Lindsay, my friend Janine). No word yet if Dina Lohan plans on getting her white-trash-ass arrested in order to compete with her ex-husband for Lindsay’s approval.

Who Said That!?!

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