Lindsay Jail, Jail Lindsay. Hi.

I spent more time in a meeting yesterday then Lindsay No Pants spent serving her jail time. Lindsay’s jail time served? 84 minutes. My meeting? 90 minutes. Whose conditions were worse during that time? Lindsay’s jail cell or the room where my meeting was held? Answer: The room where my meeting was held, only because at least Lindsay had the chance of having sex while in her jail cell.

Anyway, Lindsay “the sober snooze” Lohan was captured by those wacky paparazzi just moments after Lindsay finished serving her hard time hanging out with friends on a balcony. Riveting. Lindsay looks relieved (I made that up) and is definitely looking more and more like Dina Lohan every day. Good luck with the Linds.

Who Shot That Sober Snooze?!?

Lindsay Jail, Jail Lindsay. Hi.

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