Jesus Christ it’s Lindsay H. Lohan!


I mean as if Lindsay No Pants doesn’t have enough reasons why she’s going to burn in the fiery pits of hell, she can now add this to the list:  Posing Like Jesus Dying on the Cross with Modern Version of Crown of Thorns for Magazine Cover.  Check, check, and check!

Lindsay Lohan shot the cover for French (blah) magazine, “Purple Fashion” in which photographer Terry Richardson shot Lindsay (sadly not literally) as Jesus (you know, from the Bible) with arms stretched out and a small crown of thorns.  Seriously even I feel the Catholic guilt for looking at this photo.  I didn’t mean it Jesus, I didn’t mean it!  Lindsay as Jesus on the cross today and next thing you know Noah Cyrus is posing on the cover of Highlights Magazine as the Virgin Mary getting impregnated by the Holy Ghost!  Where’s the line, people, where’ the line?  No really, let me know because I’m almost certain I’ve crossed it.

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