Is Samantha Ronson a Predator?

Is Samantha Ronson a pedophile? This is what I think a perverted predator looks like. If I had kids (that I knew about), I would print out a picture of Samantha and tell them to run from anyone who looks like this. As a side note, they should run in a zigzag motion as it will be more difficult for the pedophile to catch them. Wait. That’s either how you run from a pedophile or an alligator. Either way, just go with the zigzag. Anyway, Lindsay No Pants and Samantha “Hot Sex” Ronson were in Malibu a few days ago getting a bite to eat at Taverna Tony. Lindsay, of course, had on her trademark black leggings and Samantha wore her trademark ring around the collar and dirt on her face. All equally hot. Seriously Samantha looks like she leaves a ring around the bathtub and I’m pretty sure she makes Lindsay wear those whore-pants because when the paparazzi flash their cameras at Linds, it really makes the freckles that live underneath those pants come alive. I bet Sam like that. Yeah she does, that dirty dirty little girl. Who’s the naughty little girl? Who’s the naughty little girl. Fine, I’m done.
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