I’m Hunting Lohan’s

Sadly, I may have to temporarily stop hunting Olsen Sluts. What? I said temporarily. As I typically don’t report on things that people tell me and only comment on other peoples stories I figure it’s year 2 of ImBringingBloggingBack (or Y2IBBB for short) so why not step it up a notch. Everyone seems to be wondering where in the holy-hell Lindsay Lohan is hiding. Well, a friend of mine out on the left-coast, who is also my left-coast spy, has informed me that Lindsay No Pants is right in my backyard of NYC. And I kind of mean that literally. The apartment that Lindsay owns is actually part of my view here in NYC. So I’ve decided to hunt down the entire Lohan Bunch….even that little bitch Ali. Just kidding, I don’t even know Ali. I’m sure she’s not little. I totally want to hang out with Dina though. I bet she gets all sloppy drunk and swears like a truck-driver…and then pukes. She seems like a real hoot. So wish me luck on my hunt. Oh, and sleep with one eye open Olsen’s!
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