I Mean, Jan Brady Tried Lemons, but I Guess Flour is a Good Option Too?

Hopefully this works to cover up some of those pesky freckles! Lindsay No Pants and Samantha Rotten were in Paris over the weekend and heading into a club when some PETA freaks tossed a bag of flour on Linds because she was wearing a fur stole. Lindsay must have thought it was raining coke! A total dream come true.

Lindsay was, of course, pissed and the club owner had to help dust off Lindsay once she entered. Stars, they’re just like us!

I love those PETA freaks. They’ve inspired me. On my way to work tomorrow I’m going to throw a gallon of acid on someone holding an umbrella and yell “Don’t Support Acid Rain!” I think it’s good I have a new cause to believe in.


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