Fun With Lindsay Lohan's Myspace! Humans Are Creepy.


 That’s right boys, girls, and those who have both a pee pee and a wee wee, it’s time to check in on Lindsay Lohan and see just how she’s doing on  Myspace and, more importantly, how her “fans” are doing.  Why Lohan’s Myspace page isn’t the next location for “To Catch a Predator” is beyond me.  No joke, I think I’m going to track these people down and make a citizens arrest.  Anyfreckles, Lindsay wanted everyone to know that they can follow her on her newer Twitter account.  I learned a lot.  I learned that people like to type the following words a lot: Wut Up LINZ!, HaTeRz, Do U!, LOLZ, and J/K.  I also learned that people are still nuts.  Below are handful of my favorite responses to Lindsay:


~ Yeah Mike, you totally have known Linds for a long time especially because she’s probably tied up in the trunk of your ’85 Oldsmobile as I type this.  And, you have a point.  Being Myspace friends with someone you don’t really know really is an honor.  You should get down on your knees every day and thank Jesus that someone who is running Lindsay’s Myspace page clicked “accept” to your friend request.  Oh, and you should also untie her and let her out of your trunk.


~ This guy was so creeptastic that I’ve decided to also include his picture.  Hopefully this will save him the time of being lawfully obligated to introduce himself to all of his neighbors.  Something tells me that “Linds” isn’t missing him.  I also fear for Lindsay during her “alone time” with Lorne, especially since he is missin her “*****”, & “***”, & beautiful ****!”  Should I assume the last “****” is “arms?”  Oh wait, I got it.  He should have added “********” – freckles.  Calling the cops, Lorne, calling the cops.



~ Alright apparently we have someone from the KKK here.  It’ nice that they’ve taken their hate to the Myspace world.  Also, why do people just add “…” in between actual letters of words?  I guess it’s because this guy is a natural redhead too and that  i..n rare.  Seriously, is this supposed to get a response from Lindsay?  Like she’s going to write him back and be like, “Oh my God, you’re a natural redhead too?  Wanna come over so we can discuss that?”  Fa….il.



~ Sweet, yet another perv!  I’m sure if this d-bag was 30 years younger he would have a chance with Lindsay.  And I’m sure she would accept all your love and “kiss” too.  And what “good work” should Lindsay be keeping up?  Not falling down?  Even spray-tan blending?  Tweeting? I’m confused. 



~ Do people just blindly open up the dictionary, point to parts of words, and then just start typing?  What does any of this even mean? Does it really take that much more time to type in the full word?  I mean, in this case it still wouldn’t make any sort of sense, but at least it would show the effort.  “An 4 twits mak a flok?”  Huh?  Is that some kind of Al Qaeda message to signal Jihad?

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