Fun With Lindsay Lohan’s Myspace Blog!

To freshen up the stale stank around here, IBBB is introducing a new segment tentatively titled, “Fun With Lindsay Lohan’s Myspace Blog!” Catchy. When Lindsay No Pants blogs on her Myspace account people not only listen and comment, but all the freaks come out of the woodwork. Yesterday, Lindsay recommended a song for people to listen to. Below are some of my favorite comments to Lindsay…..with my thoughts underneath theirs. Good times.~ Clean toilets are key, but without filthy toilets where would Linds have found Samantha? Hmmm, ponder that.
~ Clearly “Toni” needs to find hope, inspiration, contentment, and happiness in other places than photos of Lindsay and Samantha Rotten together. While he/she will one day grow up and be embarrassed for this comment and delete his/her Myspace account, his/her comment will always live forever here at IBBB. Welcome home, Toni, welcome home.

~ Skank Alert! Skank Alert! Why someone feels the need to tell Lindsay Lohan that they “almost” had sex with their partner is beyond me. I’m also not sure why it would have anything to do with Lindsay, but that’s another story for another time. If Lindsay doesn’t give her blessing for “just us” to “take it all the way!!!!!!!” IBBB will give his blessing. Remember, NumberOneSuzanna, if you cross your fingers and hum during intercourse you can’t get pregnant. Best wishes!
~ The entire comment is crap, but I can’t figure out why she wishes that Lindsay was younger. If Lindsay was a boy I would assume this is a priest leaving this comment, but coming from a girl I’m confused. Freckle overload.
~ So folks, this is basically Lindsay’s overall fan-base right here. A broke transsexual who is looking for Lindsay’s and Oprah’s help to become a man. Oprah does say to “dream big” so I think this is a good strategy. Approved.
~ I’m not sure how much of a huge “fan” Annette is since she’s spelling Lindsay’s name wrong. Perhaps this is Michael Lohan anonymously posting comments?
~ You better take cover, Linds, because this head trip wants to meet “ya” and show her respect. You’re pretty much dead at this point. Also, the “ya” and the fact that they reference Washington makes me think this is really coming from Sarah Palin. Wow, look at me making political references!

Well, folks, that concludes the shitshow that is Lindsay’s blog comments. What a real treat. Lindsay has the best fans ever!

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