Freddie Kruger Tries to Kill My Little Lohan!




My little Lohan, orangey Lohan, I love to see your horses-mane hair.

Freddie Kruger and Freckly McOrange Freckle were reportedly walk-fighting whilst walking and fighting (hence the name) on the streets of New York City after Freddie Kruger’s sisters fashion show….that Whitney Port also attended.  Of course the paparazzi were there to capture each magic moment.  While we don’t know exactly what they were saying, I’m going to say the faux-fight went down like this:

Freddie Kruger:  I have a “boys-regular” haircut and you have orange tan stains all over you.

Freckly McOrange Freckle: Your Kruger sweater smells like the basement of a church.  I’m drunk.

Freddie Kurger:  I’m high.

Freckly McOrange Freckle:  Let’s be white-trash and fight on the street while we get our picture taken.

Freddie Kruger:  I look like I stink like a fish wrapped in a week old newspaper.

Freckly McOrange Freckle: My mom’s a joke.

End scene.

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