Easy, Breezy, Beautiful


Wow!  Look who looks all rested and fresh as a Spring morning!  Lindsay Lohan looks wonderful.  Sure her hair looks like it hasn’t been brushed in 4 weeks and is filled with knots.  Sure it looks like she has a black eye.  Sure her leggings look like they haven’t been washed in 2 weeks, have cat hair stuck to them, and smell like bowling shoes.  Sure it appears that she’s down to the weight of a 5th grader.  But she looks great otherwise!

Oh, and you know that Coke is like, “Uh, yeah can you not walk around with our product so much? I mean, we’re all in a recession and could use some help with sales, but you’re not really the demographic that we’re trying to reach.” 

P.S –> Bring back Crystal Pepsi!

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