Dina Compares Lindsay to Scarlett

I won’t lie I don’t like it when Dina Lohan quotes get past me. Like a stamp collector, I like to see and hear all Dina Lohan quotes and then place them in a sticker book because that’s what I assume stamp collectors do. Huh? Anyway, my biggest celebrity crush, Dina Lohan, was talking to E! Online about her daughter, Lindsay No Pants, and then got all hell bent on Scarlett Johannnson. Here’s what the Dinasaur said:

“Scarlett Johannson goes to clubs and no one cares about it. But if Lindsay goes to a club, it is world news.”

Oh my dearest Dinasaur. I’m pretty sure Lindsay is not in the same league as Scarlett. First off, Scarlett is, thank God, not covered from head to toe in freckles. Second, I do not believe that Scarlett appears to be a club crack whore. She could be, I just can’t be sure. Third, Scarlett performs wonderfully in movies that are nominated for real awards and Lindsay films movies that win razzies. When Scarlett goes out to “the clubs” (as the kids call it) she does not get photographed doing the following: falling into her car, falling out of her car, passed out in the passengers seat, screaming into the paparazzi cameras, chasing her friends and friends mothers up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, crashing her car while under the influence, and most importantly again – covered in freckles. Once those things happen then we can start to compare them. Until then, it’s like comparing apples to freckly oranges (which Lindsay sometimes does appear as…freckly and orange).

I still love you though, my little tanned Dinasaur!

Dina Compares Lindsay to Scarlett

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