You May Have Been Born Because Your Parents Wanted to Do Sex to Janet Jackson’s Music. Sorry Tito.

Ever feel that the subway may be a little crowded? Well you may be able to blame one Janet (not sure of her last name) Jackson for too many people in this wacky population. Janet Jackson is out promoting the crap out of her new CD and single “Feedback” and told a cute little story to Extra about what many fans come up and say to her. In her best Michael Jackson voice, Janet said, “You don’t know how many people come up to me and say, ‘This child was conceived listening to you.”

If I were Janet I would have responded by saying this, “Gross.” Then I would have called DSS and got those kids out of their whore-bag parents house. I mean, forcing your kids to listen to Janet Jackson music while conceiving them is just wrong and…er…impossible. Fine, so maybe I won’t call DSS, but still.

Anyway, what was more shocking to me besides this quote is the fact that Janet Jackson is 41 years old, which means she’s probably really like 45 or even 50. I don’t want to listen to or see anyone who is 41 doing anything…well maybe except filling out their will or something. If Janet is 41 then that means that I’m getting old too and that’s not fair. Thanks Janet. Thanks for nothing…especially “Pleasure Principle.” I don’t even know what that song is about or what it means. Thanks.

Finally as a sidenote, why is everyone getting the Dora the Explorer haircut? I somehow blame Tyra Banks for this mess.

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