You Love Alyssa Milano’s Hairy Arms

First off, is Alyssa Milano technically and/or legally considered a midget? She’s tiny. Second, you gotta love her hairy arms. You know you do. Isn’t she the spokesperson for Veet, the hair-remover cream? Well her arm could use a little of that Veet that all the kids are crazy about. Alyssa Milano, aka Samantha Micelli, was showing her support at the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball game the other day. Alyssa was nice enough to really show her support by not wearing a uniform like the rest of the c-listers. Tony would be pissed at her and probably wouldn’t allow her to hang out with Bonnie. And you know there’s no way he’d let her continue dating Jesse with a bad attitude like that. Yeah I used to watch Who’s the Boss…wanna fight?

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