Yeah Jamie Lynn Started Out the Same Way….


Sorry Level 3’s, Bindi Irwin is off the market!  Bindi Sue Irwin may just be 11 years old, but she’s on the fast track to marriage (I made that part up) if Women’s Day Australia is right!  According to reports (sponsored by the letters B, T, C, H and the *), Bindi is now calling Jacob Wertheimer her boyfriend.  Even her bowl-cut-mullet-khaki-camel-toe-mother, Terri Irwin, is telling close friends that Bindi has a boyfriend.

Did you know that Jacob is the grandson of Muhammad Ali?  He is.  Yeah, that’s hereditary, but the way.

All I have to say to little Bindi is to be careful.  Jamie Lynn Spears started off as “just friends” when she was 11 years and then next thing you know, BAM, knocked up and her older sister was put on a 5150.  You want your momma put on a 5150?  Do you?  Do you want to give your momma a makeover?  Do you?  I do.

So you just focus on waiting for your koala to grow a coat and Jacob can just play with his didgeridoo until you’re both 18.  However, Bindi, if for some reason your career tanks, you may want to get in early and get your hands on some of that Ali money, you know what I mean?

Thanks to Marianna for the story tip-off!

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