Wicked Pissah, Kid! U2 Hits Somerville Theatre. Go Get Sully and Murph!




To no surprise I’m a big Boston guy.  Love it.  Born and raised.  In fact, I grew up just a city away from Somerville where U2 played a “surprise” concert last night.  I’m pissed that Sully and Murph nevah called me to grab some beeeeahs, get wicked drunk, and stand in front of the Summahville Theatah because U2 is the most pissah band evah!  End scene.

U2 was playing at the Somerville Theatre in front of only 900 fans who all won tickets through the local Boston radio stations.  Shout outs to Matty in the Morning, Jam Scammin’ at Jam’n 94.5, and if that horrible “Lander in the Morning” show is still on Mix 98.5…shout out to them too.  Anycrap, U2 sang some songs and answered some questions from the crowd.  I, of course, would have asked them if the “Friends” were really friends, but that’s just me.  I ask everyone that, including when the Dunkin Donuts worker says, “May I help you?”  Well, technically they shout out, “May I help you NEXT!”

Ugh, I wish I was there.  I guess it’s just as good looking at these pictures and pretend that they’re singing.  Sully! I’m not so pissah anymore!

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