Why Won’t She Just Shave Them?

I just don’t get it. Shave ’em. Wax ’em. Nair ’em. Veet ’em. Do whatever it takes so that I am more comfortable. For me, Alyssa Milano’s hairy arms are a national phenomenon (not to be confused with a national treasure, that’s me). Alyssa will be hitting up the cover of Detail Magazine for November and, of course, she has to show off her ape arms. First I think she’s looking all sexy drinking out of a straw, but then when I look at her arms I start to think about some of those stray hairs floating around in her water. Then you know she’d totally ask me if I wanted a sip. What am I to say? No? I could never. So now I’m forced to drink Alyssa Milano’s hairy water. Wait, where was I?

Anyway, I just wish she’s get that crap taken care of. I mean, I don’t want to have to start hoping that she loses her arms in a horrible meat grinding incident. What? I’m assuming that because she’s Italian she must spend a lot of time with meat grinders. Is that not accurate?
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