Why Did Snooki’s Makeover Turn Her Into an Asian Extra on Dynasty?




If there’s one thing you know I love it’s Snooki.  Snooki for breakfast.  Snooki for lunch.  Snooki for dinner.  Hell, even Snooki for a sensible mid-day snack.  This time around Snooki was getting a complete makeover which basically consisted of brushing out her “freakin’ poof” and removing her slut clothes.

Snooki spoke with Inside Edition about being ready, yet nervous, for a quick makeover.  Snooki waaaahed, “I can’t even walk out of the house unless I put bronzer on.  My hairstyle is called “the poof.”  I’m actually 4’9″, but maybe 4’11” with the poof!”

According to IE, “Celebrity hairstylist Francky L’official brushed out Snooki’s sky-high poof. Then, her heavy bronzer and dark eyeliner and eye shadow were replaced with much lighter neutrals and Us Weekly‘s Fashion Director Sasha Charnin Morrison stripped off the “Jersey shore” and put Snooki in couture.”

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