Whitney Wants Some of That Brandy Money

While Brandy was busy sitting up in her room (insert fake laugh here), her little brother Ray J was having a little dinner date with Whitney “hell to the broke” Houston. Some people are saying that they were getting very cozy while eating at Maestro in Beverly Hills (90210), but I think there is a much different story here. Whitney is kinda broke, or so they say, and Brandy is still collecting checks from old episodes of “Moesha.” I think Whitney is scheming to get her hands on some of that “Brandy money.” Now, before I get the hate mail on this, I don’t care that Whitney is 43 and Ray J is 25. I don’t care that she is older. I don’t care. So please, save the emails or comments to me that say I wouldn’t be talking about this story if he was older than her. Let’s get one thing straight here. I’m talking about this story because I’ve always wanted to reference “Moesha” on my blog and I finally got to. Good day.

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