Whitney to Rosie: Hey Fatass!

Even when Whitney tries to clean up her act, her crazy-ass past comes back to visit…and I’m grateful it does! Back in the day Whitney once told Newsweek Magazine that Rosie O’Donnell was a “fat bitch.” Seriously, I love that. I mean, it’s not because she’s attacking someones weight, but more so because it just came out of Whitney Houston’s mouth. I say, if she’s so fat where are the receipts?

Allison Samuels, veteran Newsweek corespondent, is writing a book titled, “Off the Record” and is claiming that Whitney called Rosie a “fat bitch” after Rosie once implied that Whitney had a drug problem. Allison Samuels and Newsweek decided not to use the quote at the time because they felt that it could damage Houston’s career and because she was “not in her right mind.” However, I guess they think it’s ok to use the quote now because there’s a book to sell. I say sell out and sell out big! That’s my motto!

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