Whitney Continues Her, “Eh, F*ck It” Tour

It’s the comeback that just won’t come back.  Well, it came back, but then it went back somewhere else.  Maybe  a crack den.  I’m not good with the map.  Anyrasp, Whitney Houston continues to butcher the classics and, at this point, it kinda seems like Whitney is in on the joke.  You can hear her singing like a bird who just drank a can of Coke and downed a packet of purple Pop Rocks whilst on tour in London the other night.

I believe it’s in the first 17 seconds that you can tell Whitney (and the crowd) is thinking, “Can you even believe this sh*t right now?  Ha hoooow!”  However, the real gem comes around 3 minutes and 45 seconds when Whitney is busy taking a few Hail Mary breathes as some random chick in the crowed starts yelling, “Come on, hit it.  Hit it!” and then it happens.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for during “I Will Always Love You.” And, well, Whitney doesn’t disappoint.  I mean she doesn’t come close to hitting that note, but at this point it would really be a disappointment if she did.

Me personally, I’d rather watch the Whitney below screwing up the classics:

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